Said to Lady Journos

Jun 01

“Where’d the pregnant girl go? Did she leave?” — Newsroom IT employee, commenting on the temporary absence of a long-time section editor out on maternity leave

May 31

“She’d get pulled over because one, she looks like a Latina, and two, because she’s pretty and cops always like to mess with the pretty ones.” —

Candidate for federal office during a stump speech

He literally singled me out in a room full of a hundred people, the submitter writes. Also, I’m Filipina, not Latina.

“Maybe you should bake cookies or something, and don’t be afraid to do a little flirting.” — Reporter to news editor at a college newspaper, when discussing how to get more writers

May 30

“What, are you gonna ask me out on a date?” — Male interviewee, when asked for his age

“You don’t look like a crime reporter.” —

Associated Press bureau chief to a reporter during a visit to a local newspaper 

Submitter responded: “I didn’t know crime reporters had to look certain way.”

May 29

“You’re a pretty girl… You should smile more.” — Job interview advice from college newspaper adviser

“Oh, you’re hot. Oh, you’re such a sexy little woman.” — Reader/source interested to learn what story a reporter was working on next. 

May 28

“Your husband has his work cut out for him tonight!” — City harbormaster, shaking female reporter’s half-frozen hand at the scene of a boating accident

“Did you get some cake, girly?” — Male U.S. Senator’s first words upon approaching a 20-something female reporter

May 27

“I just wanted to get a better look at your legs.” —

Police officer to reporter

Afterward, the submitter writes, I realized that this meant the cops had connected me to my car, which explained why I was often followed at night in the next few months while I was working on an investigative story.